Sunday, February 26, 2006

Photos + Snark

A Hamas Member or Parliament shortly before rising on a point of order.

I was debugging a web application when the server sent back a response that was exactly 666 bytes in length. It unerved me. A lot.

Minister of the Environment Rona Ambrose speaks in the House of Parliament. She looks very angry. Now that she's in government all that anger can finally be channeled into something really useful like killing the Kyoto Accord. I have this idea about Ronazilla bobble-heads...

When this painting first came out it caused a bit of controversy, but no embassy burnings, no riots, and no Danish Cheese makers forced out of business. I apologize I lost the painter's name for proper citation.

I use the Firefox browser and email client. Occasionally I get weird messages. Open Source programmers, what can you do.

I love this picture of Cohen and Bono and an unidentified women. Cohen radiates coolness while Bono has to work at it.

No...that plot line does'nt really work for me. How about Eugene goes off his meds and blows up the whole neighbourhood including that stupid little record store. And then the CBC will have to cancel that horrible horrible horrible show. Get Mel Gibson in as a guest director for the last episode.

C'mon Nigel, lick the Toad. Lick the Toad! C'mon it'll be really cool.

One of my favourite paintings, Le Naissance de Venus by William Adolphe Bouguereau. So now when someone says she's really really bouguereau you'll know what they mean.

So...the new look is wearing St. Louis Blues uniforms. Yeah the Oilers are a playoff team alright. Weirder things have happened.

The Phoenix Oilers? The CBC makes two hockey gaffes in a row. And then you have to listen to Brian Williams.

During the Siege of Troy Achilles, played woodenly by Brad Pitt, calls in a bit of air cover. Actually I think the photo is a fake, but still, a bit of bombing would have helped that movie.

Looks like the fitness standards of the Philippines anti-coup anti-riot police have slipped somewhat. Please recommend this post

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