Thursday, November 27, 2008

Feckless Flaherty Fakes Frugality

(Alternate title: Man Fellates Own Party During Crisis)

I rarely listen to political speeches anymore, but I caught Jim Flaherty's financial update speech today and I was quite amused. Also annoyed. It was pure propaganda.

I told my friend M. that Flaherty annoyed me and she said I Annoy you, why? I said no, Jim Flaherty. She said Oh. A few minutes later she said why do I annoy you?

1. Conservatives have been in power federally for a fraction of time but Flaherty talks like they're the architects of all Canada's strengths. No sense of history or humility at all. Flaherty invented sunshine and ponies and rainbows.

2. Taking away the right to strike for federal workers wont help anyone during a recession. Its just a cheap shot that can be pushed through at a difficult time.

3. No elimination of positions in the incredibly swelled up cabinet. This is a glaring omission.

4. Eliminating the tax funded subsidy for political parties is another cheap shot designed to give the Conservative Party an financial advantage in the next election. It doesn't really help any of us and weakens democratic fairness in an antiquated and unfair system.

5. Who would have thought that a marriage between the Reform Party and the Common Sense Revolution® would have produced Canada's first deficit in over a decade.

You betcha. Winks into camera. Please recommend this post

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