Saturday, May 23, 2009

Some Calgary Photos

Some cheap photos from around Calgary. If you have a slow connection come back in 10 minutes.

Some Squirrels on a rare piece of grass downtown.

Some Tamil protesters on the steps of City Hall.

Olympic plaza. Just finishing off an all day kids festival.

Teatro's Restaurant lunch specials. They're offering a dinner for 2 for the price of a barrel of oil. Nice Calgary gimmick, but might put a few execs off their appetite.

"The Bow" continutes rapid construction, even after uncertainty about financing. The smaller building planned for the east side of the plaza won't get built for now. This was the building that was supposed to house the arts communities, public spaces, and a daycare.

Not sure what they're building here, on the 32 avenue edge of the University of Calgary. There seems to be construction all over the campus. Conservative University in a Conservative riding? Nah, just a coincidence.

A traffic jam on Country Hills Boulevard at 9pm. Grrrrr. And I had to P. Please recommend this post

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