Sunday, August 23, 2009

BikeCam - Part 1

Experimenting with a new blogging genre called BikeCam (R). Need to work on a better narrative and some audio. First one is on one of my favorites spots, the bike path in Eau Claire.

This one is of crossing the 10th street pedestrian bridge which runs under the C-Train bridge and crosses over into Kensington. Always fun getting across here on a bike. Watch for the dudes with $10,000 worth of pop bottles.

Finally made it back to Edworthy Park Parking lot in the Park where I had parked. Trying to find where I parked and not get run over be people trying to park. For some reason people were grumpy, probably because there was no parking. Some asshat yelled at me because I wasn't clearing out fast enough for his purposes. Its a sunday, not a board meeting, GFY.

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