Tuesday, November 08, 2011

How to Make Rob Anders Look Sane

In addition to being a part-time pollster, Dean Del Mastro is also an amateur bishop.

Dean Del Mastro, the parliamentary secretary to the Prime Minister, said on Facebook last month that it was “outrageous” the Catholic school board in Peterborough, Ont. had invited Trudeau to speak for a second time in three years. “If they are looking for a truly great speaker, who also happens to be Catholic, perhaps they might invite [Immigration] Minister Jason Kenney,” Mr. Del Mastro wrote on Oct. 12. “Are there any tenets of the Catholic faith that Justin supports?”

Because Justin Trudeau is a good speaker and communicates well with young people. Not everything can be explained by politics and pedigrees.  Jason Kenney would bore those poor kids to death, or possibly leave them with some kind of unnatural fear and loathing.

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