Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Calgary Did Not "Host" The Aryan Guard

Via LetFreedomRain blog:

What does little ol' Calgary and Israel's Um al-Fahm have in common? Both are towns that hosted right wing hate marches, one in Israel the other in Calgary.

This comparison is wrong and dishonest on so many levels I hardly know where to start. Calgary did not "host" the Aryan Guard rally on 21 March 2009. They organized it on their own and were vigorously opposed by anti-racism Calgarians who confronted them.

We have a lot of problems in Calgary, but ugly displays of racism are available in any Canadian city.

This type of comparison makes me think of Doug Benson and Greg Gutfeld talking about our military. Meanwhile, In Um al-Fahm Israeli Arabs are being harassed, denied basic rights (like voting), and being threatened. Furthermore, the Israeli nationalists harassing the Um al-Fahm Arabs are doing so with the approval of the government. Please recommend this post

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