Monday, March 16, 2009

New Mini Dinosaur Species Found Etc.

It had razor sharp claws and its teeth may have been the terror of Alberta 75 million years ago — among animals smaller than a squirrel, that is.

The kitten-sized predator identified by paleontologists at the University of Calgary and the University of Alberta is the smallest carnivorous dinosaur ever found in North America. The next smallest meat-eating dinosaur ever found on the continent was about the size of a wolf.

Evolution seems to have produced mini versions of almost everything. It could be some kind of beta testing. Little men. Little dogs. Little Hobbits. Dinosaurs that nibble your ankles. You only get to go big if you can prove your design is effective.

Researchers have named the creature Hesperonychus Elizabethae.

In other evolutionary news, a large python ate a Maltese Terrier and flaunted it to the dog owner as a large coconut shaped bulge in its midsection. Snakes have midsections. While the bereaved women stared in disbelief a dingo made its way around the other side of the house looking for the baby. It surprised me that a Terrier could be taken down like this. This doesn't speak well for their ongoing evolution. I blame domestication. The Terrier probably thought the snake wanted to play.

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