Thursday, July 15, 2004

No, really?

OTTAWA - The former director of Canada's intelligence agency admitted Monday that Canada may have relationships with other agencies in countries that engage in torture. Ward Elcock was testifying on the first day of a federal public inquiry into the Maher Arar case.

Yes Ward, we already know that. When Western Democracies want information they can easily sub-contract the interrogation to a country that has no laws against torture. Of course that was before an all new and improved set of leaders came along and removed those silly stigmas attached to torture.

Can you really trust a guy named Ward?'re being just a little hard on the Beaver Ward...No, Honey, he needs to learn from his mistakes.  Dropping him off in Syria is just the discipline he needs...

I was disappointed to find out that Maher Arar's wife lost her election try and won't be entering Parliament. I was kind of looking forward to her asking Paul Martin questions about how a Canadian Citizen gets drop shipped into Syria. Of course she would not get an answer anyway, because Steampship Billy knows absolutely nothing about what happened in Government prior to his ascension to the throne.
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