Sunday, July 18, 2004

Rehabilitation is Imminent

TORONTO - A man police believe is at a high risk to reoffend was released from an Ontario prison Tuesday. [Loser], 31, has 63 prior convictions, including sexual assault, forcible confinement, assault and arson. He has spent 15 of the past 17 years in custody.

Later that day...

TORONTO - An Ontario man with 63 criminal convictions who is believed highly likely to commit more violent acts was charged with two new offences Wednesday. [Loser] was charged with breaching a recognizance and uttering death threats against a reporter one day after his release from prison led police to issue a rare public safety alert.

Its like a bad episode of Friends that just goes on and on and on and nobody will put a stop to it because there are certain people the Justice System just can't do anything for because they are incurably sociopathic but don't worry about those of us who have to lay awake and worry about our dog being raped or our sheds being burned down no problem just keep letting [Loser] out every two years yeah let him out no worries or maybe just stop charging him with stuff cause you know he just is not getting the social contract so what's the point hey I know just let him go for good, yeah, a new category of criminals that we never charge with anything again after say...50 offenses cause really whats the point its not working right and we could better use our resources on people who really appreciate the effort we put into arresting them and act like they're actually going to be sorry for their screwed up lives or whatever and another thing ... [GASP] ... [CLUNK]
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