Monday, September 13, 2004

Olsen Twins Doubtful

With the NHL Season in doubt, the future of the Olsen Twins seems uncertain also. While still Vancouver's GM Bryan Burke signed Mary-Kate and Ashley to an unprecedented multi-year deal. Burke described them as "...hard-hitting gritty one two punch, typical Canuck power forwards. " But with Mary-Kate disclosing an eating disorder it seems unlikely that both twins will hit the Vancouver training camp in game shape, and the contract may be in jeopardy.

Hockey analysts point out that the pair are much less effective when separated. While playing last year in the Hollowood Junior Hockey League's FayWray Wrackers, Ashley was out for 5 weeks with a broken collar bone. During that time Mary-Kate racked up an uncharacteristic 269 penalty minutes and sank to a -20 plus/minus.

Tension between the Canucks and Oilers GM Kevin Lowe heated up when Lowe described the Olsen Twins as "emaciated little girls...former child actors..." Burke fired back saying Lowe knew " to nothing about drafting a hockey team." Then called him a "foamy mouthed hyperbolist" who engages in "inflated, gaseous lie fuelled rhetoric".
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