Monday, September 13, 2004

Swedish Moose Problem

According to the Swedish Public Broadcaster, Sweden has the largest Moose population of any country. Of course, this is not saying much, since most countries south of the 60th parallel, like Somalia for example, don't have any Moose at all.

(It could be that Somalia does have Moose. It could be that we just don't hear about that a lot. Someone ought to suggest this a topic for Global Crouton Sunday. )

This is somewhat disconcerting to the average Canadian who looks at their Quarters and thinks Canada is the Moose's ass. I know Canadians think about this issue a lot.

Apparently the Swedish Mooses, teeming as they are, eat bark off the young Swedish Pine Trees causing big piss offs for the logging executives. Sweden is also teeming with logging executives.

And then there is the darker side of Ikea, where they don't see a young Pine Tree but a closet organizer.

Its all leading to a clash between the Swedish Mooses' supporters and the Swedish Mooses' support not so much people.

Amazing what you learn through insomnia.
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