Friday, October 29, 2004

Live from New York

NEW YORK - All eyes will be on Ashlee Simpson Monday as the American pop singer tackles another televised live singing performance, two days after a botched appearance on Saturday Night Live.

Simpson sang her hit Pieces of Me without a hitch on the live comedy sketch show Saturday night.

However, when she returned for a second song, she was holding the microphone at her waist when strains of her singing Pieces of Me could be heard again over her band's playing.
The stray vocal track was quickly silenced while Simpson stood looking confused, attempted a few dance moves and then left the stage. The show then cut to a commercial...

Boy did she ever look confused. First she steals Jessica's drum loops. Now this. That family has some problems.

It was riveting to be a witness to history. Years from now, annoying kids will ask me, Hey, ass-clown, tell us about the great Ashley Simpson lip-syncing scandal of 20 odd 4. And I'll plug in my digital voice box and say, "It was a crisp Saturday night in October...blah blah blah...she was wearing a dress right out of the 70's blah blah blah" A few hours later they'll unplug me, put me back in my cryogenic unit, and throw things at my head and make Ebonics slurs.

This incident has clearly shaken my faith in the craftsmanship involved in this musical genre, which up until now has been both professional and dignified.
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