Friday, October 29, 2004

No, I Did'nt Forget Poland

In all of three of the debates between Bush and Kerry it was obvious that Bush was beaten thoroughly. He was defensive, arrogant, petulant, evasive, condescending, and vague. Or as some describe it: Presidential.

In the third debate the following exchange took place which showed a desperate attempt to distract from an obviously negative situation.

Kerry: You led a coalition of Britian, the US and Australia into a viper's nest, spent $200 billion we needed for the war on terror on a dead end search for weapons of mass distruction that never existed, got 1000 marines killed, created unstability and strife for decades to come, allowed Osama Bin Laden to escape, and now can't even figure out a good lie to explain it all to your citizens in a debate.
Bush [screaming]: You forgot Poland.

Thus, the phrase "You Forgot Poland" becomes imbedded in popular culture and is now showing up in comedy routines everywhere. An obvious attempt to divert attention away from the main point which you've just been zinged with. It is roughly equivalent to Look A Monkey On A Bike or You Look Great in that Dress.

Years from now there will be another Presidential debate, and there will be an exchange like this:

Democrat: The President has never fully explained to the American People why we needed to drop nuclear bombs on Iran, Korean, Aruba, and the Republic of Quebec...
Republican[screaming]: You Forgot Poland!

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