Thursday, October 28, 2004

Stampeders Near Win Marred

Never a dull moment with the Stampeders...

The Globe and Mail reports that the Calgary Stampeders have filed a protest with the Canadian Football League, saying game officials robbed them of a win last Friday and directed a racial slur at receiver Nik Lewis.

According to a report in Sunday's Calgary Sun, Stampeders receiver Nikolas Lewis claims a CFL official directed a racial slur toward him after the Stampeders lost a 19-17 game to the B.C. Lions on Friday.

Lewis told the Sun that during an on-field scrum at the conclusion of the game, the official said ''Get off the field, I don't understand Ebonics.''

The CBC quotes a story in the Globe & Mail based on a report in the Calgary Sun. That's more convoluted than the trick play the Stampeders tried to pull on the last play of the game.

But that was one slick trick play. We did'nt think Dunnigan had a play like that. You pass to a receiver, he boots the ball downfield, and another guy runs like crazy recovers the ball and runs into the end zone.

But unfortunately the referees did'nt understand the play and negated it with a penalty. So much for your 5th win of the year.

The Referee who blew the call and made the racial slur issued an apology:

First of all, I wish to apologize for the comment I made at the end of the game. I realize now they were unprofessional and just plain wrong. Holy shizzle, my nizzle! Did yizzle see da home-bizzle get kizzled? He hustlin for sho. I say why you all up in my grill yo? Get off da crib dawg.

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