Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Debacle x 3

First there was the Saturday Night Live debacle. Last week there was a new debacle. Ashlee was asked to sing at half-time at the Orange Bowl game. True, it was a horrible game and the fans were overly receptive to a distraction. That's why O.J. Simpson was there. O.J. decided that this year was his year to go to the Rose Bowl and get out among the people. Just when you thought O.J's presence was going to start a small riot Ashlee gets up and sings. Unfortunately this time she was not lip-syncing and as a result got booed off the stage. They played the clip over and over and over and over again on the Radio. It made me want to cry. Anyway, there are two humiliations here: 1. Getting booed off the stage; 2. Causing 60,000 people to forget about the serial killer in the crowd.

Of course this caused a whole slew of jokes about O.J. stabbing Ashlee to shut her up, or various flavors thereof. Who knew aquitted murder could be so funny.

Actually there's three humiliations. Soon after the Orange Bowl reaction an online petition appeared, asking Ashlee to stop singing. Can you think of any entertainer who has had this happen to them?

You know she's a very nice looking girl, not trashy boobs out like the sister. Maybe she could do something in modelling or spokespersoning.

Well you can sign the petition if you must be petty, but I'm not happy about publishing this link:

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