Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Insult the Queen Day

An Australian novelist Harry Nicolaides has been sentenced to 3 years in prison for writing a novel in which he apparently insults the Royal Family of Thailand. That would be a Thai prison he's going to not an Australian one. I suspect and hope he will spend a short time there and then be pardoned. Even though Australia produces the worlds shittiest literature there is no excuse for not allowing people to insult Royalty. The Royal Family of Thailand cannot be insulted as it interferes with their important work of creating political stability, which I hear they're very good at.

I only bring up this sad story to make a point that our Monarch is much less thin skinned and can take our incessant jibber jabber about her and her family.

I could sit here and write that Her Majesty is a useless god-forsaken git with a DNA damaged Heir who took 40 years to barely comprehend the rules of Polo. I have no fear that the police will show up at my door. For I am a Canadian, and I can freely say rotten and profane things about my head of state. I may even write a novel.

God Save our Queen, really. Our Monarch is sanguine and gracious, prone to walking through the gas lit streets on Christmas eve, unafraid of being accosted by lonely liquored men. She peers into our dimly lit front windows and views our impoverishment with love and understanding. In this age of coups and usurpations by godless socialists and Felquistes a patriot can't be too vigilant. Her Majesty is the only glue holding our exemplary democracy together. She stares down our perils so we don't have to.

God only knows why someone wouldn't be a loyal monarchist these days.

In my next post I'll make fun of God. Please recommend this post

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