Saturday, October 13, 2012

Excellence in Blog Commenting

via Comments thread at Butterflies and Wheels:

I’ve been accused by atheist men of not caring about Muslim women when talking about a completely unrelated subject, it’s happened so many times I’ve lost count. I’ve been told all feminists are selfish bitches and support Muslim women wearing burqas and don’t ever talk about FGM. Christopher Hitchens once wrote that “the silence is deafening” from Western feminists regarding the plight of Muslim women. (American feminists protested his pal GW Bush when as President he entertained members of the Taliban in the White House, but I guess Hitchens conveniently didn’t notice). A.C. Grayling wrote that it’s up to Western women to “strain every sinew” to liberate Muslim women, as if Western men aren’t obligated to do a damn thing.
It’s a way for them to justify hating or dismissing feminism and feeling righteous about it, too. As if we have the power to end their oppression but for some reason we’re holding out.

In the comments  at Butterflies and Wheels, one of the best comments I've seen for a while  by reader callistacat.

There's a whole back story to this about sexism and anti-women, anti-feminist attitudes in the atheist community.  The short version is using the suffering of Muslim women in Islamic countries as a rhetorical prop to vent rage against feminists in the west.


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