Saturday, October 13, 2012

The King of YouTube's Atheist Slime Pit

There are so many triggers here I wouldn't know where to start in listing them all.

From Manboobz:
Amanda’s story illustrates what can happen to young girls when sexualized images of them floating around online, whether they’ve put these pictures up themselves in a moment of poor judgement or whether someone has stolen them from password-locked private photo albums, or whether someone has surreptitiously taken an “upskirt” or “down-the-blouse” or some other compromising picture of them in public. This is the sort of damage that things like the Jailbait and Creepshots subreddits can do to young girls. This is why it’s so important that things like these subreddits be shut the fuck down.
Sadly, even after her suicide, Amanda remains the target of bullies and assholes online.
One of these assholes? The MRA and atheist videoblogger and all-around terrible person known to the world as The Amazing Atheist, whom we first met when he had a Reddit meltdown and started spewing misogynistic abuse at his detractors. Now he’s spitting on Amanda’s memory.

It's possible a lot of atheists strictly identify in the dictionary sense, philosophically, but want nothing to do with the movement.  Who can blame them?   There's some real problems in this sub-culture.  It's not just one blogger.  The people who passively observe and don't say anything share part of the blame.


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1 comment:

Poor Dead Ned said...

That's a ridiculously slanderous comment. The only unifying belief of atheists is that they don't believe in any of the worlds religions. Among other things, most of those religions advocate women being property to one extent or another.

This guy is obviously a complete asshat. And I'm saying that as a life-long atheist. But it's not like we are in the same political party or something. I suppose you could accuse atheists of mass murdering soviet farmers too, but it's not like I'm Stalin's budy or something.

Very weird comment.