Thursday, May 05, 2005

Of Course I like your hair honey...

I have outrage fatigue this morning. Its time to take a trip down memory lane and look at a few hair styles from the 80's. I have to keep up with Socialist Swine and his various pictures of mullets and moustaches.

Punker chick was kind of hot in the 80's. It was a cross between David Bowie and Annie Lennox. Eventually it became over-produced (see above) and made its way into the office world, thus losing any edginess it once had.

Technically this is the 70's hippy chick, but without the Rachel Carson regard for the environment. The amount of chemicals required to keep this circus flying was impressive. Also highly flammable. (Or, Inflammable to be more correct.) I found this out once on a date where Flaming Sambuca was among the bad choices made that night. How do they get the models to do that puppy dog look?

This is the Dr. Laura moral majority look. Extremely high maintenance and needy. Best to be avoided. Always add 45 minutes to any time she gives you. Look into those eyes, what do you see?

The late River Phoenix may have invented the original celebrity mullet. Note the carefuly grooming. If only the white trash could pay attention to detail like this. I wish River had lived. He might have prevented younger brother Joaquin from making so many bad movies.

See, straight guys can be bitchy about hair & fashion. We just have to work at it a bit. Please recommend this post

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