Thursday, May 26, 2005

Ten Or So Songs

I never get tired of listening to or writing about music. Here's a cheesy line: the soundtrack of our lives... Use it on someone and see what they say (or do).

Ten or so songs on the digital jukebox, mostly stuff you'll never hear on commercial radio. Assuming you're not listening to Angry Talk Radio Guy Who Thinks You're Stupid.

1. Colin Linden - When The Carnival Ends

Probably his best song.

police dog at the neighbors door, marching up and down the street
keeping us safe from criminals between the ages of 12 and 16
i don't know about you friend, but tonight i sure can't sleep
throwing gasoline on a fire seems like a strange way to keep the peace

2. Jonatha Brooke - Ten Cent Wings

I never used to like her, but now i do. Acquired taste etc.

I will love across the borders, I will wait until it's dark
I will fly and you'll be with me, my wings, your heart
then our memory may fail us and our language will go too

3. Stan Rogers - Northwest Passage. I wonder how many Canadians have heard this song considering Stan Rogers was and is considered one of Canada's most famous Folk Singers. This was his signature song. I like the way he ties Franklin's expedition to his personal life.

Ah, for just one time I would take the Northwest Passage
To find the hand of Franklin reaching for the Beaufort Sea;
Tracing one warm line through a land so wild and savage
And make a Northwest Passage to the sea

4. Simon & Garfunkel - Mrs. Robinson Although I like the song and the movie that went with it (the Graduate) I blame them for inventing the phrase coo coo ca choo. Nobody needed that.

Here's to you mrs. robinson,
Jesus loves you more than you can know

Even though you're an alcoholic and fooling around with Dustin Hoffman. Jesus is good that way. No, no its good.

5. Sherly Crow - Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen used to drag race his custom Jaguar in the Hollywood Hills. Supposedly the local Police had a huge reward fund for the first cop that could cite him. No one ever did. That could be an urban legend but its a nice story.

Like Steve McQueen
All I need's a fast machine
And I'm gonna make it all right
Like Steve McQueen
Underneath your radar screen
You'll never catch me tonite

We got rock stars in the White House
And all our pop stars look like porn
All my heroes hit the highway
'Cause they don't hang out here no more

6. Sarah Harmer - Open Window

This is just one of those catchy love songs. Apparently a lot of people are having it sung at their weddings. Poor bastards. I want them to sing Mrs. Robinson at my wedding ceremony. I want to the singer to say, This one's for the mother of the bride...

Our love is a sacred thing
like the mysteries of the night
in the darkness unwavering
and still so strong come the light
Our love is an infinite thing
like the sun's last ray on the sea
as it sets low in the west
and the moon rises

That's really well written and sweet. Poor bastards. No really, nice song.

7. Beatles - Nowhere Man

I miss John Lennon. Was Nowhere man someone they were thinking of, or just an everymannowhereman?

8. Ani Difranco - Sick of Me

A different kind of love song. Maybe better for the 5th anniversary rather than the wedding.

how sick of me must you be by now? while you're standing just outside of
what your pride will allow, always reaching into yourself to find a new way to
understand me. when i'm sure that there's no one else in the world that could
withstand me. yeah, the first person in your life to ever really matter is
saying the last thing that you want to hear. and you are listening hard through
the splintering shards of your life as it shatters. and you're standing firm

9. Natalie Merchant - Break Your Heart

The way things are and the way they've been
Don't spread discontent, don't spread the lies
Don't make the same mistakes with your own life
And don't disrespect yourself, don't lose your pride
And don't think everybody is gonna chose your side


10. Mary Lou Lord - Lights Are Changing

The best thing to come out of Boston since Bobby Orr.

Looking through your hollow eyes across the great unknown
Growing greater every second growing harder with each stone
Yeah and you who judge your freedom by the quantity you score
Does it make you any freer if you took a little more
All that summertime I revolved around your eye
In accelerating spirals in an asymmetric sky
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