Friday, May 06, 2005

Sun Panics over Poll

It was the strangest headline I've seen in a long time. Move over murder and mayhem, the Calgary Sun today leads with an SES poll showing the Liberals 6 points ahead of the Conservatives. In their breathless and self-important grade 3 comprehension style:

What will it take for Canadian voters to get so mad at the Liberals that they'll boot them out of office?

Apparently, not a daily dose of corruption and scandal.

The Martin Grits have put the brakes on the damage caused by sensational allegations of influence peddling and kickbacks to people in high places and are actually moving up in public opinion, a SES Research poll released on CPAC suggests.

The nationwide survey of 1,000 voters, completed Tuesday, shows the Liberals have stretched their lead to six points over the Conservatives, compared to a recent Decima poll, which had the Grits leading by three percentage points.

If you're a Liberal you would be foolish to crack open some Champagne just yet. If you're a Conservative this poll should in no way discourage you.

The Calgary Sun knows very well that the polling right now is extremely flaky and could have wide variances. There is no election call and no election date and because of this polling is very difficult and highly volatile.

So whats the real story here? They are just trying to mobilize their already angry base, and indirectly fan the flames of Western Right Wing Alienation. The first two sentences are all you really need. Its a continuation of the theme that non-Conservative voters are evil and wicked for helping to put the Liberals over the top since 1993.

Keep insulting the people you need to come over to your side with simple minded guilt by association diatribes. Excellent strategy. Please recommend this post

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