Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Super Bowl Positives

Things that went ok at the Super Bowl

1. Terrell Owens did not accuse any teammates of being gay.
2. Paul Mccartney did not get acid reflux, his band played the right songs in the right order, and his boobs stayed in his shirt.
3. Former presidents Bush and Clinton were chumming around together promoting their role as goodwill ambassadors for Tsunami relief.
4. Former president Bush did not vomit on anyone.
5. Former president Clinton did not...well nevermind.
6. No one made racist comments with a microphone in their face.
7. The next day, the media was talking about the game, not about some freak, or some freak's sister.
8. No one mocked the dropping of the pants in the end zone.
9. Orenthal James stayed home.
10. Charlie Daniels did not pass out and fall into the mosh pit, thus saving the lives of many.
11. No female reporters had to interview Joe Namath, thus avoiding the dreaded drunken Celebrity French Kiss.

All in all, kind of dull.

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