Thursday, February 24, 2005

Thursday's Musings

I'm starting to hate Thursdays. Always acting like Fridays but really they're just second rate Wednesdays. No one ever says, boy am I glad its Thursday. Nobody ever says I'm glad its the upper latter mid-point of the week.

In honour of Johnny Carson I have a punchline without a joke. The punchline is: Are you sure it was'nt Star Jones in a fur coat? I'm counting on someone out there to supply the joke. But, you have to admit, the punch line almost stands on its own.

I almost went to Thailand last month. Thank God I did'nt go when Star Jones was there. I might have seen her on the beach and gone blind. The Lord was looking out for me and I feel blessed.

They were interviewing Jolene Blalock on the radio last night. She seems pretty smart and articulate for a hoo-hoo girl. All the Enterprise cast is out doing the circuit trying to reverse the show's cancellation. Its an ok show. Not as good as Voyageur. Voyageur had really well written stories and who could resist that Your mom is so hot charm of Captain Janeway. But I thought Enterprise was a little too violent. I always believed Star Trek was a metaphor about the role of the United States in the World. (Scott Bakula has a really big nose, but not as big as that guy in the Life Of Brian who got punched out at the Sermon on The Mount.) Maybe this is it, maybe there won't be any more Star Trek stories. That would push a few geeks off the deep end.

Somewhere in an alternate universe David Frum just shot himself and Hunter S. Thompson is writing his Eulogy. Thompson's last column is about him making a 3am call to Bill Murray to propose a new version of Golf involving shot-guns.

You can read it here but it seems they are having a lot of band-width problems.

I just watched this terrible terrible movie called The Garage. It was a remake of a Japanese horror movie and starred Sarah Michelle Gellar and a cast of many many horror stricken Japanese people. There was no Garage in this movie, but they kept talking about how something really bad happened in The Garage. That chick from the Ring with the creepy long black hair was in this movie, but I have no idea why. Please recommend this post

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