Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Nazi Cleanup in Oregon


Nazis in Oregon? I thought they were more in Idaho and Lake Chapparal.

Nice to see they are suppporting their community as opposed to annexing Poland or committing mass murder. I wonder if they know that when they adopt a highway they have to clean up the trash from the ditches twice a year. I wonder if they'll only pick up the white trash. Don't you see the irony of the master race walking around with those little pointy sticks picking up trash. They'll probably use it as a teaching opportunity...Look around you Jimmy, trash everywhere, and do you know where it comes from? That's right Jimmy, the black man and the Jew put it here to keep the white man divided and confused...

I was thinking it would be fun to drive down that highway and throw paperbacks written by famous Jewish authors into the ditch. A little gas on the fire never hurt anyone.


Dear Sirs,

I once gave this crazy interview in Russia and I was going on and on and on and you know what - the translator was getting it all wrong. Anyhow, I just wanted to say those guys in Oregon probably have a lot of good ideas about looking after that highway. Lets just hope they don't go too far.

Bobby Hull

Dear Sirs,

The problem with Nazi Germany as everyone knows is that the master race had no cost certainty and therefore could not remain competitive.

Gary Bettman

Dear Sirs,

Sounds fab. Do you know if they have an summer intern program?

Prince Harry

Dear Sirs,

In those dark dark days following my Abdication, the Duchess and I and spent many lonely days in the Castle, our friends and family seemingly abandoning us, with only our undying love one for another keeping us sustained. Of course the garbage did pile up in the driveway. One would have given anything for a few kind Nazis to drop by and help us out, but alas, it was a time of war.

Duke of Windsor (Posthumously)

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