Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Goldring: GM Line Workers Get 100k to Retire

Peter Goldring is shocked, simply shocked.

From 630ched.com:

Here's what he's learned having travelled through the Ontario communities being hard hit by layoffs. "When a person retires from the automotives industry, General Motors in particular... I've learned that on retirement, not only do they receive their pension which is $4000/month -- which they paid into. But they also receive $100,000 cash bonus and they also receive a $35,000 brand new car."

Goldring says he's concerned about the optics of this, given how taxpayers are struggling to make ends meet themselves in these tough economic times. He plans to take his findings to caucus.

This sounds pretty far-fetched to me. I'm glad that 630ched chose to run this on their website and as the top item on the radio news cast without any fact checking. Fact checking would have just got in the way of this important discovery.

Hey Pete, when you were at the donut shop did you talk to any of the GM Executives about their benefits or just the crazy guy who waves at all the buses.

Do you feel jealousy and resentment now? Good. Mission accomplished.

I'm starting to understand more and more why Prime Minister Harper chooses to run the Government entirely on his own. Please recommend this post

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