Monday, December 15, 2008

Needing a Block Heater Sucks

I was out in the dark late last night looking for the end of my block heater cord. At minus 30+ I thought it would be a good idea to plug it in. I couldn't find the cord at all. So I left it until this morning. It doesn't matter how cold it gets my vehicle has never failed to start even unplugged.

The problem is that its very hard on the moving parts for the first few minutes a vehicle is running. At -30 all the oil is sitting at the bottom of the engine in a frozen gel like state. When I was going to University I had a cheap cheap car. One cold morning in December the motor just blew up after I started it. It was kind of neat actually. The mechanic who did the post mortem looked just like John Candy on that morning farm show. Lordy, she did blowed up real good.

While looking for my block heater cord this morning in the bright sunshine I still couldn't find it. Then I noticed this huge block of ice attached to the grill. I gave it a whack and there was the cord, entombed inside the ice. (See first photo.)

I don't have any prominent theme or point here. I don't really hate winter I actually like it. I just hate the effort we all have to go through to keep our vehicles running in this weather. This is crazy. Not really the way of the future.

The only other complaint I have is the short days and cold weather are causing me a lot of fatigue and I'm irritable. More irritable I meant. So if I gave you the finger on the corner of 37st and 40th avenue last night I'm sorry.

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