Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Prorogue: Something Just Died Here

The prorogue of Parliament is something I never expected to see in my lifetime. Until now I didn't even know you could do this in the face of non-confidence. The fact that this decision was made by an unelected anachronistic feudal figure head is a whole serious issue in and of itself. The Monarchy League of Canada must be very proud now that they've finally seen a Conservative Prime Minister propped up - against the democratic will of the people - by what is the equivalent of a farcical aquatic ceremony. (Obligatory Monty Python reference)

The Governor General has helped Stephen Harper with his long term goal of being mentioned in the same sentence as Hugo Chavez and Vladimir Putin.

Even though the Parliament is padlocked the Government will continue to operate outside of any scrutiny. Keep in mind this Government has no basic legitimacy because it does not have the legal support required from the majority of members.

Mr. Harper claims that the prorogue time will be used to research and prepare a budget, and to consult with the opposition. I doubt that very much. Researching and preparing a budget will not take eight weeks and does not require all the Conservative MP's. I would bet that most of the budget work is done already anyway. Aside from that Harper does not consult.

Actually, what they are planning is a national brainwashing program that will run virtually unopposed for at least six weeks witht partial funding from the tax payer. The Conservative Party plans on running a virtual election campaign against the 62% coalition. No doubt this will consist of an unprecedented attack on the voters of Quebec and their freedom of choice. It will also slander 62% of us with fake notions of patriotism. That's correct, your Conservative MP's who are paid Federal Government salaries will be running a partisan propaganda campaign.

Harper probably thinks he can lure the opposition into spending money they don't have to counteract the propaganda, making them unable to fight a general election for at least two years.

In January, if the opposition parties do anything other than vote down the Government at the first opportunity it will be to their eternal discredit and will confirm the precedent that an undemocratic bully can just shut down parliament whenever he wants.

When the Reform/Alliance adopted the slogan Ottawa Needs More Calgary I warned you people in Ontario and Quebec. But do you listen. No.

This post was written entirely with a Canadian Flag in the back ground. God Bless Canada. Please help yourself to a complimentary pez dispenser on the way out.
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