Thursday, December 04, 2008

Harry Hays Rally Warmed My Heart

But froze everything else.

I just got back from a pro-coalition rally at the Harry Hays building in downtown Calgary. For those of you unfamiliar with Calgary the HH Building is a federal government building that houses Revenue Canada and some retail space.

The irony was not lost that the building was sold recently to some Calgary developers for 1.5 billion dollars along with a sweet 25 year lease.

The rally was sparsely attended by about 40-50 people and there seemed to be a lot of media people there most of whom left before the speakers showed up.

I didn't catch who all the speakers were, but they included speakers from the Liberal, NDP and Green Parties, as well as the Council of Canadians and Fair Vote Canada.

The guy standing next to me almost got poked in the eye not once but twice with the business end of a large union flag. Really, that one just dies for a punch line.

Mr. Harper will pleased to know there was a large Canadian flag present. Please recommend this post

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