Thursday, August 12, 2004

Dar Steps Down on Slow News Day

In a dramatic twist of events Dar Heatherington delivered her resignation to the Lethbridge City Council giving a defiant and dramatic speech.

The A-Channel pre-empted regular dramatic local news and dramatic weather, describing it as "a dramatic turn of events in this saga". Who the hell writes their stuff anyway. The Iliad was a saga. Seinfeld was a saga. This was a lurid tabloid story. A year from now they'll have stupid teasers: "it was a year ago today that Dar Heatherington issued her dramatic resignation. Join us at 11:00 for a dramatic 3 hour dramatic retrospective...". I think they were auditioning for Celebrity Justice. Normally I like Blonds.

The Sun will have a true crime pullout linking Dar to Liberal Corruption and Quebec Seperatism.

God knows what the nuts at Global will do. I don't even want to know. Probably a commemorative DVD.

Without the burden of being a full time politician, Dar indicates she will work full time and tirelessly to clear her name. She sort of has to say that. Spectacular. She'll be just like The Fugitive. Racing from town to town, always getting cryptic clues, but always one step behind the shadowy mysterious man who kidnapped her and took her to Las Vegas. And for what?

Maybe if she wraps it up early she could help OJ find the real killers.

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