Wednesday, August 25, 2004

A Unified Message

What Conservative Politicians say when Liberals don't submit their expense reports properly:

I think Paul Martin should fire him today. I wouldn't give him [Andre Oullette] until next week," said [Conservative MP John] Williams in an interview from his Alberta home.
What Convervative Politicians say to Liberals when asked for their expense reports...

Premier Ralph Klein, appearing before the public accounts committee Wednesday, became irate when asked for receipts for a golf trip, and got into a verbal scuffle with a Liberal MLA. Klein took offence to the receipt request, demanding to know whether MLA Laurie Blakeman was calling him a liar.

Klein: "Is the honourable member suggesting I am lying?"
Blakeman: "No, sir, I am just asking for the document."
Klein: "Oh, why would you ask for the document if you are not suggesting I am lying?"
Blakeman: "Because this is the public accounts committee, sir, and we can ask for that kind of information."
Klein: "Oh, I see. In other words, you're saying you won't take my word for it. I want to know if she's calling me a liar. She doesn't believe me."

Blakeman tried to respond, but Klein cut her off three times, repeating: "You don't believe me."

No. No. No.

Thanks guys, for all your hard work in earning the public's trust.

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