Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Speaking of Judo History...

Describing a book on Judo, writes:

Judo, a martial arts form which originated in Europe, has spread to being
incredibly popular throughout the world...

Europe? Judo originated in Europe?

And so I'm like 'that's a mistake in your discription, Judo originated in Japan. Big asian country. Not near Europe. Not a synononym for Europe. And there like Oh no thats Ok, thats what the publisher gave us as a description...and I'm like NAAOOOOO the Japanese book was published in Japan by a Japanese publisher who would never say Judo originated in Europe and they're like Its not our fault and I'm like can't you just fix it and they're like WHO ARE YOU. And I'm like I have one of those Chapter's cards and I happen to know where Japan is on a globe. And they're like so...well we can't fix it.

How stupid would you feel if you had made a big issue and then found out that Japan was in Europe.

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