Thursday, August 12, 2004

Trump Bankrupts 3 Casinos

Thanks for coming in Donald, please have a seat. No, over there. Farther. First, let's just go over the Casino business model one more time Donald, because I feel you're not getting it. You have an unlimited supply of the world's dumbest people who come into your place with wadloads of cash to spend on games of chance that are rigged 80/20 in your favour. Many of these people, I should point out, have addictions to gambling or at the very least poor judgement. Anyway Donald, do you see any way that we should not be rolling in big piles of money at the end of every day. Donald, there's no easy way to say this. We did not hire you to turn money into[?]. We did not hire you to [?] up a sure thing. How did you bankrupt three casinos Donald? How? Never mind you're fired. You are fired. And for God sakes do something about that hair, that thing looks like a [?] muskrat. Get out.
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