Thursday, March 10, 2005

Antichrist Revealed, then Mocked

Over at Jesus's General they discuss a new book which uses various means to identify the antichrist who is now among us. Having read portions of this book I cannot reveal who he is since that would ruin it for the rest of you. As my mom used to say, 'laddy stop prying, you're much better off not knowing who the big beasty is. '

But, suffice it to say when I read that name I said out loud: Exactly!

Soon though, in the comments section of the blog, as is prone to happen, the Frenchmen took it upon themselves to think up funny new names for the antichrist.

Some of the suggested names:

333 Eric the Half a Beast
666-A The tennant of the Beast.
999 the dyslexic beast?
667 Neighbor of the Beast
665 Antichrist underachiever
222, the factor of the Beast
1/666, the inverse multiple of the Beast
-666, the additive inverse of the Beast
66 - amputee beast
|666| - the Absolute Value of the Beast
@@@ - The amnio sonogram of the Beast

I quote these without permission, but knowing there's no great sin recognizing that there are many people funnier than myself. Quite a few actually. Possibly millions.

But seriously, don't these people know they're bringing a whole lot of bam-stick on themselves by making fun of the apocolypse?

I have to read the later chapters of this revolutionary little book. I'm quite anxious to see if there is a role for Canada in the great end game.

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