Friday, March 25, 2005

Socialized Medicine Saves Tycoon

Former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney is in hospital in Montreal recovering from lung surgery and pancreatitis. His condition is described as stable and improving, which means that any subsequent mockery is not only tasteful but necessary.

When his condition was first detected he was immediately shipped by Fedex from Wall Street to a Socialist Hospital in Montreal.

Doctors said the surgery was complicated by the fact that Mulroney's entire head was fairly far up his ass. The spokesman went on to say the medical team had absolutely no idea what caused the pancreatitis.

Don't worry, there's no court cases going on trying to have him unplugged.

My favourite memory of Mulroney was when he eagerly signed us up for the first Iraq War. Bush1 kind of took a shining to our Brian. He positively beamed with pride when Canadian Fighter Jets were strafing Iraqi boats in the Persian Gulf. I do like to see a man happy in his work.

I hope Mulroney is ok, I'd hate to see Corky go without a father. Please recommend this post

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