Sunday, March 06, 2005

Replacement Please

Could you please join with me in writing to the American Embassy and asking for a replacement Ambassador. The current one does not seem to be functioning properly. I believe he is under warranty and that they are obligated to replace the defective product. Apparently, every once in a while the Ambassador-3000 robotic series goes buggy and develops delusions of grandeur.

When contacting the Embassy use the following talking points.

  • Could you please just shut him up.
  • You said he was leaving for the private sector. When?
  • Why is he such an annoying brain dead hack?
  • Could you please just shut him up.
  • There is more to Canada than the Fraser Institute, the Alberta Government and Sun Media.
  • We are not stupid colonial rubes who need to be lectured daily by a gaseous overbloated self-inflated overly hyperbolic 5th rate talk show host. (Charles Adler was here first)
  • Once again, could you please just shut him up.
  • Lets see what else...Oh, yeah, our Prime Minister does not report to the Ambassador.
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