Saturday, March 12, 2005

Saturday Picks

Head over to Klondike Kate's Aurora to read some hot-damn writing about life in Alaska. (I should point out that historically, Alaska is a part of Canada.) There is also an ad for Michelle Malkin's latest book over there (scroll down) which made my lunch come out through my nose.

Naomi Klein, my favourite writer is at it again over here.

The Section15 blog takes James Taranto and the Wall Street Journal out behind the wood shed.

Robert Fisk, not unsuprisingly predicts civil war in Lebanon. As predictors go he does not have a bad track record.

Why do these people hate America so much?

The rapture is right around the corner and we got a lot of work to do. Once the Christians leave they'll be a lot of stuff to be fixed up. We can beat this lake of fire thing if we have a plan and stick together. One of the things you can do to make this go smoother is to read this blog every day.

And finally, the word of the day is contrarian-obfuscationism. Please recommend this post

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